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Shawn Cunix
Shawn Cunix


Shawn Cunix is a Renaissance Man. Many know him as a family man, philanthropist, entrepreneur, investor, or world-class poker champion – but all who have spent time with him know of his unwavering passion for inspiring happiness.

Shawn’s career started with Abbott labs, then Airtouch, where he was one of the top reps in the country. Shortly after earning his highest monthly commission check (and having a newborn with his wife, Chris), Shawn took a business leap that forever changed his path in life.


In 2001, Shawn founded Wireless, a Verizon Wireless dealership, out of his basement. Introducing a visionary perspective to the wireless industry by taking client satisfaction to an unprecedented level, Shawn grew Wireless from one store and a handful of employees to 70 stores with over 350 employees. Wireless was widely regarded as one of the most successful Verizon retailers in the country and was sold in 2015.


In 2010, Shawn formed Cunix Enterprises, which serves as his private investment company. Cunix Enterprises places active and passive investments in businesses that demonstrate an ability to disrupt their respective industries, provide significant stakeholder value and, most importantly, inspire happiness.

Shawn lives in Powell, OH with his wife, 3 kids and 4 dogs.  

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